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Our Self Bunded Tanks are replacing the old conventional aboveground fuel and lubricants installations. Because the conventional installations consisted of concrete, foundations and bund walls (for containment of spillage) with a tank placed inside the concrete bund wall. This procedure has the irksome ability to become expensive and is not cost effective.

The solution offered is not only cost effective it is environmentally safe. Diesel storage tank solutions have self-bunded tanks that have been specifically designed and developed to provide you with the portable storage solutions to your mining, fleet management, power, oil and construction industries. These units will provide You with the following advantages and benefits.

Self Bunded Tanks have been developed to provide portable storage to the mining, power, oil and construction industries. These units will provide Our Customers with the following advantages and benefits.

The tanks are manufactured from CORTEN Steel which provides superb corrosion resistance plus welding capabilities and are double walled.

Advantages & Benefits

Flexibility: Drop-and-go option. The self-bunded tank/s moves with your project demands, your diesel storage can move wherever it is required. This reduces construction time on site and cost on rehabilitation of sites and concrete works.
Cost Savings – long-term cost saving by being able to budget up front for your fuel and curbing the continuous fuel increases, furthermore by purchasing in bulk you will receive discount on your purchases. Therefore, you get Double Savings.
Compliance – ISO 9002, ISO 14000 & UL142 compliant buying a self-bunded tank that is certified is the best way to ensure your fuel storage complies with environmental legislation in your area.

Our Commitment

Siyathembana endeavour to supply customers with the latest state of the art Self Bunded diesel, fuel and lubricant storage tanks. This is achieved by an exclusive supply deal with a respected manufacturer in China QHC. Siyathembana has been awarded the exclusive rights to market the self-bunded storage tanks in Africa. We are committed to operating our business according to a strong set of values and ideals, which guide each team member as they interact with one another and our customers. We are committed to delivering excellence, excellent customer service is what we strive for to achieve at all times.

Our Group

Siyathembana Trading 247 (Pty) Ltd. Absolute, Proven, Customer Service, Guaranteed, Results

Our Expertise

Johnny Swartz is both the founder of the company and the current Managing Director. Johnny Swartz's experience in the oil industry is long standing. He has in excess of 25 year ot experience in the oil industry. This experience was primarily gained whilst in the employ of Shell, a well-known multinational oil and gas corporation. Years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of this field led Johnny Swartz to identifry an important need in the fuel and lubricant storage market - Self bunded fuel tanks.

The company, Siyathembana, has been originated by Johnny Swartz to supply Self bunded fuel storage tanks. The target market for the Self bunded fuel storage tanks of Siyathembana has, to date, primarily been Africa.


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