About Us


  • Est. Since 2011
  • Diesel Storage tanks (self-bunded)
  • Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Managing Director – Johnny Swartz

In the very first quarter of 2011, our Johannesburg-based company began its business.  Siyathembana is well established, and has been trading in Africa since 2011. Johnny Swartz is both the company's founder and current Managing Director. Johnny Swartz has many years of experience in the petroleum industry. He has more than 25 years of diesel, fuel & oil industry experience. This experience was gained mainly from Shell, a famous multinational petroleum and gas company. Years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of this field led Johnny Swartz to identify an important need in the diesel, fuel and lubricant storage market, Self-bunded diesel storage tanks. The target market for the Self-bunded diesel storage tanks of Siyathembana has, to date, primarily been Africa.

Siyathembana endeavour to supply customers with the latest state of the art Self-bunded diesel, fuel and lubricant storage tanks.  There are several options available for these Self-bunded storage tanks as various designs and sizes are offered by the company. Siyathembana has completed numerous extensive projects during its years of operation.

Discover some of our successful y completed projects

  • Siyathembana have supplied the majority of the new mines in Burkina and Mali with Self-bunded diesel, fuel & oil storage tank solutions. We completed Rox Gold, as well as the Fakola mine that collaborated with SENET.
  • Siyathembana built the first fuel farm for the B2 Gold mine in Namibia.
  • Siyathembana built the Endeavour Hounde project— a 2 million-litre fuel farm.
  • In Mali Siyathembana supplied a full turnkey solution for the Yanfolila mine, as well as B2 Gold.

Amazing full turnkey projects supplied

  • Rox gold
  • Yanfolila Mine
  • Fakola Mine
  • B2GoId Namibia
  • Fuel Farm B2Gold Mali
  • Endeavour Hounde Project 2 million-litre fuel farm