Tanks are UL Listed (UL Listing Certification for File MH47074)

Tanks can be transported by sea or road as they meet the CSC international certification. Our Self Bunded Tanks are replacing the old conventional above ground fuel and lubricants installations. The conventional installations consisted of concrete foundations and bund walls (for containment of spillage) and a tank placed inside the concrete bund wall. As you may be aware the costs of building foundations and concrete bund walls has become excessive. Self Bunded Tanks have been developed to provide portable storage to the mining, power, oil and construction industries. These units will provide our customer with the following advantages and benefits. The tanks are manufactured from CORTEN Steel which provides superb corrosion resistance plus welding capabilities and are double walled.

The benefits that our tanks bring are that you don’t have to provide foundations (only hard standing), all the fabrication takes place off site and when you need to move the installation to a new mining area to optimize distances to refuel (Typical in the mining business) you just pick up these tanks they fit on a 20 foot (31 000 litre) or 40 foot (67 000 litre) container footprint and move them quite easily….so no regret costs or having to rehabilitate concrete and foundations and no further fabrication required. We believe these are big benefits to mining, power and oil companies near me. Our Self Bunded Tanks can be interconnected as well.

Technical aspects:

Our self bunded fuel/diesel tanks have the following standard features


Tanks primed and painted with Hempel Hempadur 15560Primer and Hempel Hempathane 55100 Paint Coating
Container corner locks provided
Tanker Hose Filler with Dust Cover Protection
Anti Syphon Valve
Overfill Protectionmechanical, and mechanical shutoff is standard. The alarm is optional.
Permanent ladder and platform for easy access
Pressure/Vacuum Vent in compartment containment
Interstitial space integrity management system utilizing dipstick
Pump Bay Housing
Breather Vents etc supplied with dust filter fitting
Dipstick, Dip Point and cap provided
Tank Gaugingcan be fitted if requested
Security Doors and locks
Statutory Signage
Tanks are UL Listed (UL Listing Certification for File MH47074)